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This group was originally based on a website named '' but we have moved to this offsite location, come and UNITE with art!
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Hello everyone and welcome to the new forum! Hopefully it will be complete soon and we can cut down on chatzy! -giggle- Enjoy!
Please invite all the members you can remember from the clan! If any, at all! We need to gather everyone back up!
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PostSubject: Tower of God   Tower of God Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2011 2:46 pm

This is a roleplay based on the manhwa. Link

What do you desire? Fortune? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all others? Whatever you desire, "that" is here. In the Tower of God.

To reach the top, you must climb the tower. To climb up, you must complete a test on each floor. The test is determined by the guardians of each floor. Each floor will test your skill, your strength, and most of all, your luck.

There are two types of people who enters the tower:
The irregulars and regulars. Normally, there are only people who are invited into the tower: those people are regulars. There are those who enter by force: the irregulars. The irregulars tend to have special powers; although the regulars themselves aren't "normal".

Rankers are those that have reached the top. Well, just to tell you, these are pretty few compared to how many entered the tower, so you can't really compare a newcomer to these guys. Princesses are rankers adopted by God and given powers. Princesses cannot have children, or else they will be killed.

There's also something called shinsoo. Those who will be able to enter high pressure areas will be drawn at random. It'll be small chance that you won't be able to enter. You can also take "training" later on to get used to it.

(I will be the "gamemaster"- I will control the general storyline, but it's not the same as god-modding. We could also move the rp into the chatbox and copy and paste everything from there XD)

I really only want to accept "spontaneous" and "creative" characters, not mary sues or gary sues or just this random guy from that street. Give me a good reason why that character really hates women. Or why that character is so happy go lucky even though it's just a farce. Please give me at least A detailed paragraph. I'm going to make this a slightly harder rp, just to improve my writing skills. (I just wrote a lot.)

Oh and age is irrelevant, especially for rankers.

Example (My character):

As an extremely loudmouthed silver haired girl, Shira tends to speak what's on her mind, though she can keep her secrets or even lie. Her yellow eyes aren't exactly the norm for humans, but most in the Tower aren't even humans. As a ranker and princess, her speed and power-the ability to control wind-was greatly increased.

She wields the Silver August dual "needles"-part of the 13 sword collection forged by the legendary swordswith. The Silver August is... well, silver, with bandages wrapped around the handles. Shira has a very unique fighting style, which consists of "throwing around" her needles with the bandages wrapped around her hands and while her hands are free, attacking with punches and kicks. She can easily get Silver August back by pulling the bandages. When Silver August is "talked to", she can invoke it's true power, which is "Storm". One needle is covered in lightning (think naruto's lightning blade :3) and the other is covered in wind (again naruto. SHURIRASENGAN POWERS GO! :3). She can then strike at opponents at a close and far range.
(Silver August is in their right, childish twins. They are named Silver and August. August, for it's rainy seasons, is the lightning part, and Silver is the wind. You can see what I mean by this if you read the manga)

Shira is actually good with kids. She has been raised in a good family that taught her her original ideals, until they were murdered. She sought to "bring them back" but she knew inside she couldn't. By the time she reached the top, she forgot why she was climbing in the first place... And so she became a princess.

*Needles are weapons found in the Tower.

Sorry for the rainbow spammish thing. white was killing my eyes, especially because of the dark background..........
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Tower of God
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